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Your Ideas Are Meant For More

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on September 26, 2016

Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Inspiration, Pursuing Your Passion

Photo Credit: Kevin Titus Photo
Photo Credit: Kevin Titus Photo

Ideas in your head begin as just a spark. Something catalyzes the chain reaction: a conversation you overhear, the melody of a catchy song, the cadence of a piece of prose, a photograph that evokes memories of your childhood. Whatever the catalyst, the result is a fraction of a second of brilliance that, if acted upon, could quite possibly change your life. These idea conceptions happen more than you think. We often confuse them as just passing thoughts.

But what if they weren’t meant to be transient? What if your occasional musings were meant to come alive, and they only needed you to write them down, to talk them out, to nurture them into fruition?

There’s no way to know, of course. And the biggest reason most of us don’t pursue our ideas is because we’re scared. People might not believe in them. They might not work out. We might fail.

What’s far scarier, to me at least, is the notion of choosing not to pursue something that just might change everything.