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The Art of the Side-Hustle

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on January 19, 2015

Pursuing Your Passion

So many of us want to achieve greatness, but we feel like we can’t because our jobs get in the way. And sometimes, quitting your job just isn’t an option. What’s important is recognizing that working full-time doesn’t have to prevent you from doing creative work. You just need to learn the art of the side hustle.

What’s a side-hustle?

It’s whatever you devote your time to building when you’re not fulfilling your full-time obligations. Please note the keyword, building, in that last sentence. If you work all day and then come home and destroy a six-pack of beer, you wouldn’t consider drinking your side-hustle because you’re not building anything (except maybe your tolerance for alcohol).

But let’s say you work as a loan officer by day and then come home and spend a couple hours in the evening writing the novel you’ve been working on. Writing is your side-hustle.

So why am I dedicating a post to this subject? Simple: if you don’t have a side-hustle, you need to find one.

Here’s the truth: it’s not easy being creative, and it’s especially not easy to be creative when you’ve got somewhere to be for nine hours every day.

It’s way too easy to come home from work, fix yourself dinner, and veg out while watching Netflix for three hours until you fall asleep. You have to give yourself a reason to exercise your inner-muse at the end of the workday, or nothing will ever get done. Having a side-hustle is that reason.

Whether it’s dedicating one hour every night to writing, taking photos, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or starting a business, pick an art and have an end-goal in mind, then systematically go about achieving that goal. Dedicating a little time to your craft each day will soon start to add up, and before long you’ll have reached a new level of proficiency you never thought possible.

Remember though, that it’s often not achieving the end-goal that gives us life, but the hustle itself.