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Feeling Like a Cog in a Machine

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on June 2, 2016

Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Inspiration, Pursuing Your Passion

feeling like a cog in a machine
Photo Credit: Kevin Titus Photo

We’ve all heard the phrase “feeling like a cog in a machine.” Many of us know someone (and maybe we’ve even felt this way ourselves) who feels underappreciated or unimportant at their job. And feeling that way causes anxiety. It causes stress. It causes us to reevaluate what we’re doing with our lives and whether or not we have any value.

If you’re feeling insignificant, know that you probably play a more critical role to your company than you think. A cog is a necessary component to making a machine run. Remove just one cog and the machine ceases to operate. Everything comes to a standstill.

But consider this: If you’re feeling anxious at work, it might be because — like a cog– you’re relying on something or someone else to move before you can move yourself. You’re simply transferring movement, not initiating it.

Human beings aren’t meant to be cogs. We need the freedom of movement. The only way to get out of your rut is to *be kinetic*. Take ownership of a project. Be the catalyst of change. Dare to innovate. Question the norm. Be bold enough to pursue your idea despite the risk of failing.

Life is more than making predictable movements within a groove that’s been carved out for you. Forget staying in your lane. The whole highway is yours.