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Expectation vs. Reality: The Artist’s Struggle

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on January 14, 2015

Inspiration, Pursuing Your Passion

expectation vs. reality
My first video of 2015!

It’s funny how the life of an artist is romanticized in popular culture. How many times have you heard someone say they want to move to the South of France, live in a château, and make paintings all day while drinking all day?

If only life were that easy.

Here’s the truth though: when it comes to making art, the struggle is real. Any artist will tell you that the process is grueling. When you watch an incredible movie, or look at a breathtaking photograph or painting, or read a poignant piece of writing, you’re looking at the results, not the process. The results don’t even tell you half the story.

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Doing Art for the Right Reasons

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on December 16, 2014

Pursuing Your Passion

Doing Art For The Right Reasons

Somewhere in the world right now, somebody is working on their craft. Maybe they’re creating a painting masterpiece, or developing software that will revolutionize how we do business. Whatever it is, they’re destined for greatness, but nobody knows it yet.

As an artist (and we’re all artists), it’s the moments out of the limelight that matter the most. All of the early mornings and late nights, all of the times you felt like giving up, it’s all worth it because you know you’re working towards something amazing.

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Work Less, Play More

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on December 1, 2014

Business and Entrepreneurship, Pursuing Your Passion

work less, play more
Image: Kevin Titus Photo [yes, that’s me ;)]
We’ve been conditioned since childhood to value working over playing.

Remember when we were in school and had classes all day? Somewhere in between we’d get a short lunch break and then have to head to another round of classes. Adult life is eerily similar: arrive at work, attend a round of meetings, get a short lunch break halfway through the day, then head off to some more meetings before leaving.

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Building versus Doing

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on November 26, 2014

Business and Entrepreneurship, Pursuing Your Passion

building versus doing

When I was contemplating quitting my full-time job earlier this year, one thing made it abundantly clear that I needed to leave: I wasn’t building anything.

When you’re building, you construct a foundation for yourself. Each time you sit down to work, you continue to add to this foundation.

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Why You Haven’t Found Your Life’s Calling (and What to Do about It)

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on November 24, 2014

Pursuing Your Passion

Why-You-Haven't-Found-Your-Life's-CallingFeel stuck at your job?

Then you might be familiar with a common phenomenon that many experience but few admit to: the existential gnawing that you could be doing something more with your life.

It’s the result of repeating the same, tired routine day-after-day. Your creativity is stifled. Your spirit is broken.

So what’s stopping you from changing your lifestyle? If you’re like most people, it’s the fact that you have no idea how to find your passion.

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