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Leaving College to Travel the World

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on May 28, 2014

Podcasts, Pursuing Your Passion

Liz Gillooly
Liz Gillooly courtesy of Mary Latham Photography

Imagine living and working on a private yacht, exploring tropical islands, and spending your free time on creative pursuits. Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. Just ask Liz Gillooly, today’s guest on the People Passionate podcast.

After one year of college, Liz decided she wanted to travel the world. She found a job working in the Virgin Islands, where she was able to save money and explore her creative interests. She describes how she decided to pursue travel versus staying in college to finish her degree.

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From Consultant to Music Producer: Pursuing Your Passion with Prab Kumar

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on May 12, 2014

Podcasts, Pursuing Your Passion

pursuing your passion
Prab K

Would you leave a stable, high-paying job to pursue your passion — even if it meant not having a regular income?

That’s what my guest on today’s episode is doing.

On today’s show, Prab Kumar joins me all the way from Valencia, Spain to talk about pursuing your passion.

Prab worked in management consulting for four years, but always felt a certain push to explore his creative side. He describes experiencing an epiphany while attending Burning Man one year, where he realized he needed to pursue making music.

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The Creative Process: Overcoming Obstacles and Doing the Work

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on May 6, 2014

Creativity, Podcasts

the creative process

If you’re a creator, you’ll want to listen to this show.

In this session of The People Passionate Podcast, I brought on my friend Grant Breuer to discuss writing and how it relates to the creative process.

Grant and I have been good friends since we met in college sometime in 2006. He’s a third year law student (who’s graduating in less than two weeks!) at the University of Minnesota. Grant has been an invaluable resource for me since I started People Passionate; he’s helped me with editing and the creative direction for so many of the posts I write on the site.

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Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on March 2, 2014


expanding your comfort zoneLet me preface this podcast by saying this: Things get pretty deep here. Greg and I decided to pour ourselves a couple of glasses of wine (Cupcake Vineyards Shiraz, like $8.99 at your local grocery store) and contemplate some pretty interesting topics. It’s about more than just expanding your comfort zone. Rather than give you a synopsis in paragraph form, let me just highlight a few of the questions and topics we address in the podcast:

Rather than give you a synopsis in paragraph form, let me just highlight a few of the questions and topics we address in the podcast:

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How Do I Overcome Self-Doubt?

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on February 27, 2014


how to overcome self-doubt

A loyal reader sent in this question for today’s podcast. This person is an entrepreneur and wants to start up a side business in his free time but he says he always feels held back by himself. His question is simply this, “How do I overcome self-doubt?”

This is a pretty tricky question that surely can’t be solved overnight, but I do give one piece of advice that I started doing recently that has made an astounding difference in my motivation levels. If you have 6 minutes, give this short podcast a listen:

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