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It’s Our Turn

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on January 22, 2015

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it's our turn

When I was around twenty-five, the world started to look very different to me. Successful people in the media — entrepreneurs, scientists, artists — so many of them rising to prominence were younger than me, and that was weird to think about.

For the first couple decades of our lives, we’re young and impressionable. While that sometimes can be a hinderance, there’s a certain relief in knowing that we’re not yet responsible for leading the future.

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Acknowledging Art

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on December 28, 2014


While writing this morning, a song came on Pandora radio that really caught my attention. I went to give it a thumbs up and found myself reading an amazing¬†artist biography. Here’s one of the first few sentences:

While the majority of his classic ’70s work was unflinchingly personal, it nevertheless provided a touchstone for a generation of maturing baby boomers coming to terms with adulthood.

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