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When the World Doesn’t Care, Make Your Art Anyway

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on April 26, 2016

Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Inspiration

making your art anyway
Photo Credit: Timothy Kolczak

The other night I went to bed before 10pm.

I knew I had to go to bed early so I could wake up two hours before work to write this very post.

Once I publish this, either many of you will like it, or very few of you will. That’s the life of an artist. When you share something, your reception is either pretty bad or pretty good.

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Leveling Up in Life

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on April 18, 2016

Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Inspiration, Productivity, Pursuing Your Passion

leveling up in life
Photo Credit: Kevin Titus Photo

There’s an easy explanation to why so many people enjoy playing video games: they love leveling up.

Think about how satisfying it is to unlock a new perk or achieve a new title. Even though the incentives are completely virtual and have no real tangible benefits, we feel compelled to keep playing so we can hit that next level.

Real life works in exactly the same way — we just need to embrace the right mindset to achieve what we want in life.

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Executing on Your Ideas

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on July 13, 2015

Blogging, Creativity, Productivity, Pursuing Your Passion

executing on your ideas
Photo Credit: R. Jordan N. Sanchez

Lots of people have no idea what their passion is in life.

But many others face a different kind of challenge: having lots of ideas.

The problem? They don’t know where to begin. Their indecision means nothing ever gets done. Which means their ideas never see the light of day.

Does this sound like you?

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