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Hi, I’m Kevin. Welcome to People Passionate! This blog is about pursuing greatness. It’s a collection of thoughts, stories, and ideas that will motivate and inspire you to pursue your passion and achieve what you never thought was possible.

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Feeling Lost? Let Me Help You.

Posted by Kevin Kleitches on January 28, 2015

Let me ask you a question: What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to following your passions?

I want you to really think about this and then give me your answer. I’ve created a form where you can submit your response.

After you respond, let’s schedule 20 minutes to talk on the phone (Skype or Facetime would be even better).

Here’s the deal: I want to know why you read my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you’re here, but I don’t know why you’re here and exactly what you need help with in your life.

Sure, I could take a guess. I could write blog posts and create podcasts and just hope that they might resonate with you. But that doesn’t sound very efficient, does it?

Now is your chance to talk to me about the specific challenges you’re facing when it comes to following your passions. Here are just a few examples of things I’ve talked about with people on previous calls:

  • Deciding whether or not you should quit your job
  • Planning your exit date (how much to save, how many weeks notice to give, etc.)
  • Discovering your life’s passion (and determining if it’s realistic to pursue)
  • Finding your dream job by leveraging social media
 Or maybe you’re totally fine with the job you have, but you’re looking for a better lifestyle. Here are some common goals I’ve helped people achieve:
  • Creating a consistent and productive daily routine
  • Becoming confident in yourself and your art by overcoming self-doubt
  • Building an audience for your work (i.e. you’re a blogger that wants to get your stuff out there)
 Sure, you can read more blog posts and articles. But you’ve probably read plenty of those by now — and you know it’s time to take action.
So let’s sit down and talk about the things you really want in life, and how we can make them happen. I’ll listen to your story and see if we can come up with a plan. Sound good? :)
Fill out the form and be as specific as possible in your answer — I mean really pour your heart out. Then fill in your email and submit your answer. After that, I’ll be in touch shortly to schedule our call.
Looking forward to your responses.

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