Whose Wealth Are You Building?

Whose Wealth Are You Building

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Recently I was playing a game on my phone when my friend looked at me and shook his head.

“Hey, this is harder than it looks!” I defended myself, thinking he was challenging my video game skill.

But that wasn’t his issue.

“Whose wealth are you building right now?” he asked with a smirk.

We both laughed, but his words hit like a ton of bricks. As harmless and entertaining playing that game was, I wasn’t doing myself any favors in the long run. It certainly wasn’t moving me closer towards any of the goals I want to achieve. This cheap entertainment was more costly that I realized.

People who oppose this line of thinking are quick to spout philosophies of why it’s important to relax and take a break.

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself,”  they’ll rationalize.

But we need to be careful with that mindset. Taking a break and enjoying yourself should be an organic process — something that happens after enduring the physical and emotional labor of making forward progress. Imagine being a marathon runner; after extending yourself for miles, you deserve a well-earned rest. The problem most people have today is feeling entitled to relax before they’ve even entered the race.

Of course, not everyone wants to run the race. Some people have no desire to create anything extraordinary — they just wish to live their lives as comfortably as they can. If that’s you, you can keep enjoying yourself, there’s nothing at stake.

But if you want to achieve your goals as badly as you need to breathe, think twice about immersing yourself in a sea of entertainment. Sometimes you deserve a break, but most of the time, you’ve still got work to do.

How Your Comfort Zone Is Sabotaging Your Success

How Your Comfort Zone Is Sabotaging Your Success

Image credit: Monisha Rajasekaran

Despite what you were taught growing up, being comfortable is bad.

Many people envision a lifestyle where they can achieve success without having to step outside of their comfort zone. This is delusional thinking.

If you want to make progress with your dreams, you have to do things that scare you. Let me show you why.

Why Being Busy Is Overrated

why being busy is overrated

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There’s a difference between being productive and being busy.

Being productive is defined as producing a significant amount of results.

Being busy is merely keeping yourself occupied.

See the difference?

For the longest time, I fooled myself into thinking I was being productive — measuring my “productivity” by how much time I was spending on tasks, not the value or end-result of those tasks.

Why You Hate Mondays

why you hate mondaysDespite not working full-time anymore, it’s amazing how my body still has a negative physiological response every Sunday evening.

It’s not that I hate Mondays — they’re just like any other day for me now. But for so long, that wasn’t the case. I was conditioned my entire working life to dread them because it meant having to go back to reality.

Most of you reading can probably relate. As your weekend comes to a close, the high you felt starts to dissipate, slowly giving way to the dreaded anticipation of the coming work week. You begin to feel the anxiety in the pits of your stomach as it spreads to the rest of your body. Monday is coming.

The People Passionate Challenge

the people passionate challenge

For quick reference, here are the rules of the challenge. You can read about how I came up with the challenge by scrolling below.

Rules of The People Passionate Challenge

1) Pick a form of art that you’re willing to work on every day for thirty minutes for the entire month of September. Examples include painting, writing, making music, making conversation with strangers, public speaking, gardening, doing random acts of kindness, etc.

2) Take a picture of your art (or of yourself doing your art if possible) and post it on the social media platform of your choice. In the caption, use the hashtag #peoplepassionatechallenge and explain that you will spend thirty minutes every day working on [your art] for the entire month of September.

3) Invite three friends by tagging them to participate in the challenge with you.

When Passion Isn’t Enough

when passion isn't enough

Passion is a term that’s thrown around recklessly these days. We’re constantly reminded that it must be present in our lives if we want success. 

But that’s only half the recipe. There’s a much less sexier term that isn’t talked about as much: commitment.

Passion can be compared to the euphoric high of a new relationship — powerful but fleeting. No relationship lasts on it alone. Surviving past the honeymoon stage requires a conscious decision to stay faithful to your craft.